Best 7 Proven ways to skyrocket your Instagram growth – Guide

Instagram is a wonderful tool for developing your brand and growing your online audience.
With one billion individuals using Instagram every month, it’s a platform with significant ROI potential.

But, to reap the benefits, you need more than simply an audience: you also need involvement.
You will need comments, shares, likes, and other effects to demonstrate that your content is resonating with those who see it.

Importantly, interaction is only valuable when it is genuine – when it comes from real people who genuinely care.

The truth is that there is no shortcut to high-quality engagement.

Every day, interact with comparable profiles in your business or expertise.
Take some time before you publish your next Instagram snap to engage with the content other accounts are posting: specifically, accounts comparable to yours that are part of your niche.

Here are some top tips which will help you to boost your engagement on Instagram.

1. Instagram’s primary rule is that engagement feeds engagement

Interacting with other platform users increases your chances of being seen. The more you participate, the more visible your account gets, and the more visitors to your profile engage with you.
However, the quality of Instagram engagement is equally as crucial as the number, which is why you should spend time selecting certain accounts to engage with.

Engage with material from fashion label accounts, fashion and beauty influencers, fashion inspiration accounts, and so on if you operate an Instagram account for a fashion company, for example. Engage with posts from social media thought leaders and social media marketing blogs if you manage a social media marketing company’s Instagram.

2. Engage with content both before and after you post it

You want as much involvement in your content as possible within the first hour of it being published. A high degree of engagement straight away suggests that the Instagram algorithm has determined that the post is likely to be of interest to a large number of your followers, leading the post to display up higher in the feeds of more of your followers.

But how do you generate enough Instagram interaction in such a short amount of time?
Participate in other people’s posts both before and after you submit anything to your own!
This enhances the likelihood of people viewing your profile, liking your most recent post within the first hour of it being posted, and so improving the visibility of your postings on the site. Of course, your comments and likes will remain and should continue to attract users to your account long after you’ve left them, so it’s a win-win situation.

3. Use long-tail, carefully chosen hashtags (and mix them up across your posts)

Long-tail hashtags are more particular and detailed, so they better reflect the context of your message.
If you only utilize tags with millions of connected posts, your content will never be featured under ‘Top Posts’ on the hashtag search unless you have a large account with a sizable following. And no discoverability equals little to no engagement!

You can use more generic hashtags with a lot of associated material — you never know, if you have a great post, you might receive some engagement from these! However, make sure to mix them in with your long-tail, less popular tags at a ratio of roughly 80:20.

These tips will really help you to increase Instagram engagement.

4. Improve your captions

Instagram captions increase engagement and encourage people to spend more time looking at your post, which is thought to be advantageous with the current algorithm, which favours content based on engagement.

A strong caption will provide context for your shot, express personality, and interest your viewers. You can approach your caption in a variety of ways, such as writing a long, descriptive description that tells a tale. It can be a brief and to-the-point caption that complements the image and provides a ‘take’ on the image or more context. It might be serious and thought-provoking, or it can be humorous and light-hearted.

5. More images of people (like yourself!) are needed

Did you know that images featuring faces receive 38% more likes than photos without?
This is why you should post a picture of a person in your next post! Posting images of people is a terrific (and simple) approach to increase interaction. Whatever you’re selling or promoting on Instagram, you can always incorporate people into your Instagram posting strategy in some way.

You may upload a post from your social media team; images posted by your consumers; photos of the individuals your brand helps, or simply have models show off your products. The options are limitless.

So, say cheese!

6. As quickly as possible, respond to comments

Responding to comments is essential for keeping the conversation going and pushing your post to the top of your followers’ newsfeed. As more people respond to you, Instagram identifies your post as a valuable piece of material that will most likely be of interest to others.

So, as tempting as it may be to put off responding to comments when you have a million things to do, don’t! To keep the conversation going, respond right immediately with the fast and pleasant response (before you forget).

7. Keep track of the ideal times to post

Do you know when to post? If not, now is the moment to find out! The optimal time to post on Instagram is simply the period when your account receives the most engagement on average. You may accomplish this manually by combining Instagram Insights, testing multiple publishing timings, and building a highly organized spreadsheet to track all of your data.

What is good engagement rate on Instagram?

The stats are everything in social media marketing. The easiest part is getting content onto your platform. The difficult part is analyzing, refining, and adapting. So, what constitutes a good engagement rate?

  • An engagement rate of 5% or more is considered very good.
  • A rate of involvement of 3-5 percent is considered satisfactory.
  • A rate of involvement of 1-3 percent is considered typical.
  • A low engagement rate of less than 1.5 percent is considered unsatisfactory.

If you’re marketing on Instagram or attempting to become an influencer, anything between 1% and 3% is OK. You’ll want to improve this as you get better at creating content and delivering what your audience wants, but it’s a solid starting point.