Can’t Follow Anyone on Instagram? Here’s How to Fix it

we’ll explore why you can’t follow anyone on instagram and provide practical solutions to help you resume following accounts without disruption.

Using Instagram should be easy, whether chatting with friends, checking out influencers, or joining groups you like. But sometimes, you might need help following new accounts, which can mess up your social media fun. This happens because Instagram works hard to keep things safe and fun for everyone, but sometimes things go wrong for different reasons.

Why can’t I follow people on Instagram?

Can't Follow Anyone on Instagram

1. Following Too Many People

Instagram has taken steps to tackle bots and spam by limiting the number of accounts users can follow. Instagram’s Help Center says users cannot follow more than 7,500 accounts. If someone tries to follow an additional account, Instagram will display an error message, requiring them to unfollow someone before adding a new account. If you try to follow more than 200 accounts in a day, you’ll need to wait until the limit resets. If you’ve already followed 7,500 accounts, you can unfollow some to make room for new ones. 

Even if users haven’t reached the 7,500 limits, there’s another restriction: users are allowed a maximum of 60 actions (follows or unfollows) per hour. This limit aims to prevent excessive engagement that may indicate automated behaviour.

2. Following Too Fast

To stop spam accounts from following many people quickly, Instagram limits how many actions (like following or unfollowing people) you can do soon. If you’ve been following people rapidly, you might see a message saying you’ve reached your current limit. Try again later.

3. App Glitch or Bug

Instagram occasionally encounters bugs that hinder users from following others despite trying various troubleshooting methods. The app’s complexity and numerous features sometimes result in bugs or glitches that obstruct specific actions.

If you’ve exhausted other potential causes like account restrictions or connectivity issues, an app bug might be the culprit. In such problems, updating the Instagram application to the latest version or reinstalling it could resolve the issue.

4. You might be using an outdated Instagram version. 

Using an old version of Instagram might cause problems like the inability to follow people. Newer versions usually fix bugs and improve security, improving the app’s performance. Updating your Instagram app ensures access to the latest features and fixes, enhancing your overall Instagram experience.

To fix this issue, update your Instagram app:

  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. Tap into your profile picture in the top-right corner.
  3. Choose “Manage apps and devices.”
  4. Select “Updates available.”
  5. Find Instagram in the list and tap “Update.”

5. Action Limits

Picture Instagram’s follow system like a traffic light. Going beyond the 7,500 follow limit is like hitting a stop sign – you can’t add more until you remove some. But there’s another rule to remember: action limits. These apply to how many actions you can do in an hour, like following or unfollowing. Instagram sets this at around 60 actions per hour.

Why the limit? Think of it this way: If someone starts following tons of accounts super quickly, it’s a significant clue they might be a bot trying to boost their follower count. So, if you’re following people like crazy and suddenly can’t anymore, you’ve probably hit your action limit for the hour. Don’t worry, it’s not permanent. Just take a break and try again later.

How do I know if Instagram is limiting my actions?

  1. The “Follow” button briefly turns white before turning back to blue.
  2. You receive a message saying “Action Blocked” or “You’re Temporarily Blocked”.

6. Account Issues

In rare cases, there might be a temporary glitch with your account or Instagram. You can try a few things, like restarting your phone or device, logging back into your Instagram account, or even reinstalling the app. You can contact Instagram’s support team for more help if it keeps happening.

7. Using Instagram on Several Devices

Running your account on various devices like phones, iPads, or computers and frequently logging in and out may trigger Instagram’s security measures, limiting your account.

8. VPN Usage

 If you connect to Instagram through a VPN, your IP address changes, which might raise red flags. Instagram could interpret this as suspicious behaviour and restrict your account. To avoid this, disable the VPN and attempt to follow others again.

How do you Fix You Can’t-follow accounts right now on Instagram?

1. Dealing with Instagram’s Follow Limit:

Review your Following List: Periodically audit whom you are following. Look for accounts that are no longer active or don’t align with your interests.

Manage your Following Activity: Plan and pace your following activity. If close to the limit, prioritize the following accounts most important to you.

Instagram sets limitations to prevent misuse and maintain a positive user experience. Here’s a breakdown of the platform’s restrictions:

  • Likes: Up to 120 posts per hour and 700 posts per day.
  • Comments: Limited to 30 comments per hour and 200 comments per day.
  • Direct Messages (DMs): Restricted to 50 to 70 DMs daily.
  • Follows: Capped at 20 accounts per hour and 200 accounts per day.
  • Stories: Limited to 200 Stories per day.
  • Captions: Restricted to 2200 characters per post.

Staying within these boundaries ensures compliance with Instagram’s guidelines and fosters a healthy interaction environment.

2. Resolving Account Restrictions:

Moderate Your Activity: Avoid aggressive following or unfollowing behaviours that might seem robotic or spammy.

Engage Naturally: Increase your engagement (likes, comments) with posts more naturally to reduce the likelihood of actions being flagged as spam.

3. Addressing Connectivity Issues:

Test Your Internet Speed: Use tools like Speedtest by Ookla to check if your internet connection is slow.

Reset Network Settings: On mobile devices, sometimes resetting the network settings can resolve connectivity issues.

4. Updating or Reinstalling the Instagram App:

Regular Updates: Keep your Instagram app updated to avoid missing out on bug fixes and new features that could improve performance.

Clear Cache: On Android devices, clear the app’s cache from the settings menu to improve app performance.

5. Reviewing Account Suspension or Ban:

Understand Instagram’s Policies: Regularly review Instagram’s community guidelines to ensure your content and interactions comply.

Appeal the Decision: If you believe your account was wrongly limited, use the appeal process provided in the help centre to make your case.

6. Handling Platform Outages or Bugs:

Stay Informed: Follow Instagram’s official Twitter account or other social media for updates during outages.

Be Patient: If an outage is confirmed, wait it out, as Instagram’s technical team typically resolves these issues promptly.

7. Follow People on Instagram

To connect with individuals on Instagram via Facebook, leverage the seamless platform integration. If you encounter difficulties following users directly on Instagram, utilize your Facebook account, as many Instagram users also maintain a presence on Facebook.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Navigate to “Settings” and select “Follow and Invite Friends.”
  • Opt to “Follow Contacts.”
  • Then, proceed with:
  • Access the “Suggested” tab and choose “Connect to Facebook.”
  • You’ll gain visibility into your Facebook friends who are active on Instagram.

8. Report the problem to Instagram support.

You can seek support when encountering an “Action blocked” message on Instagram. While you can request assistance directly within the message, you can also navigate to the app’s settings. Here’s a simple step to follow:

  • Open the Instagram app and access “Settings.”
  • Select “Help”, followed by “Report a Problem”, and then “Report a Problem” again.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to report the issue effectively.


  • Use Authorized Apps Only: Ensure any third-party app you use with Instagram is authorized to avoid security issues or automatic restrictions.
  • Follow Wisely: Be selective about who you follow to keep your feed relevant and engaging, which also helps manage the follow limit effectively.

By addressing these areas with the recommended steps, you can improve your chances of solving these Instagram issues and grow followers easily with the following accounts on Instagram and enhance your overall experience on the platform. If problems persist after trying these solutions, contacting Instagram’s support team can provide further assistance.


How long does Instagram restrict me from following people?

Instagram’s temporary blocks can last from a few hours to several days, depending on the severity of the behaviour that triggered the restriction.

Why is Instagram saying I can’t follow accounts right now?

This message typically appears when Instagram detects spam-like behaviour or when you have reached your follow limit.

You can’t follow right now. How can I fix this issue?

To fix this issue, moderate your following activity, ensure your app is up-to-date, check your internet connection, and wait it out if necessary, as many restrictions are temporary.

How to avoid being banned on Instagram?

Here are some easy tips to avoid getting blocked by Instagram:

  • Don’t use automated tools to like, comment, or follow.
  • Please fill out your profile and connect it to other social media accounts.
  • Be active on Instagram, but not too much. Don’t suddenly follow many people after being inactive for a while.
  • After a ban, don’t go back to mass following right away.